Blood Oath

Vornholt, John
Dell 1995
Date finished: 1995-09-20

This is the third Babylon 5 novel, and the most frustating. The author's earlier Voices was good, but Blood Oath consistently comes close to providing deep insights into the Narn and their culture without ever actually managing to do so. Several interesting characters are introduced, such as the vengeful Mi'ra, G'Kar's wife Da'Kal, and Al Vernon, a human who married a Narn and lived for years on the Homeworld. But nothing is really done with any of them: no insights, no revelations, nothing.

Tagged: babylon 5, science fiction


%T  Blood Oath
%@  1995-09-20
%A  Vornholt, John
%K  science fiction
%G 978-0440220596
%I Dell
%D 1995
%K science fiction, babylon 5

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