Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution

Levy, Steven
ISBN 0141000511
Date finished: 1996-08-03

Levy's book is a portrait of the Elder Days of hackerdom, from MIT in the 1950s to the birth of the personal computer revolution. The book feels sadly elegaic, mourning for an era that died when the small companies grew up and the suits moved in to computing en masse. You can fault Levy on technical points, but he captures the hacker mindset quite well. Luckily his gloom about the death of hackerdom is misplaced; hackerdom simply moved on to the Internet, where it lives quite happily today, and I don't think it'll ever die out.

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%T  Hackers
%S Heroes of the Computer Revolution
%@  1996-08-03
%A  Levy, Steven
%K  computing
%G ISBN 0141000511
%P 464


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