Computer Languages: A Guide for the Perplexed

Baron, Naomi S.
Doubleday 1986
ISBN 978-0385232142
Date finished: 1996-12-11

This 1986 book provides an excellent overview of the major families of computer languages, and of the historical currents that shaped them. While the details of vendors, machines, and implementations are all out of date now, chapter 5, which examines 22 languages from Ada to PILOT to SNOBOL, is full of interesting information about their creation and evolution. It's amusing to compare the predictions of 1986 with today; Prolog, which was viewed as the up-and-coming AI language at the time, is pretty marginal today, while C, a language which the author treats coolly in deference to Pascal, takes the lion's share of development. We really need an updated version of this book for today, one that would add coverage of the new object-oriented and functional languages.

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%T  Computer Languages
%S A Guide for the Perplexed
%@  1996-12-11
%A  Baron, Naomi S.
%K  programming languages
%D 1986
%G ISBN 978-0385232142
%I Doubleday

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