Beyond Velikovsky: The History of a Public Controversy

Bauer, Henry H.
University of Illinois Press 1985
ISBN 978-0252011047
Date finished: 1997-01-24

Bauer has written an interesting history of the Velikovsky controversy in the 1950s. Immanuel Velikovsky wrote a series of books, starting with Worlds in Collision, arguing that many events in the Old Testament of the Bible actually happened thanks to various catastrophes that stopped the earth's rotation, started it again, provided manna for the Israelites, and so forth. Velikovskianism seems to be pretty much dead today (outside of a few die-hard believers on, but it was a divisive topic in its day. Bauer carefully summarizes the flow of argument and counterargument, and rightly observes that there was distortion by advocates on both sides.

Tagged: astronomy, pseudoscience


%T  Beyond Velikovsky
%S The History of a Public Controversy
%@  1997-01-24
%A  Bauer, Henry H.
%K  astronomy, pseudoscience
%P 354pp
%G ISBN 978-0252011047
%I University of Illinois Press
%D 1985

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