Internet Programming with Python

Ahlstrom, Jim; Watters, Aaron; van Rossum, Guido
Date finished: 1997-03-29

At times this seems like modified sections of the Python reference, but it's quite a pleasant book, even if you're familiar with Python and know most of the material; I can't judge its suitability for newbies. The book's also quite comprehensive, covering all the language's highlights. The first printing is marred by numerous editing errors, which have been corrected in subsequent printings according to the primary author. (I haven't carefully read through the other English-language Python book, written by Mark Lutz, and hence it isn't reviewed here.)

Tagged: programming languages, python


%T  Internet Programming with Python
%@  1997-03-29
%A  Watters, Aaron
%A  Ahlstrom, Jim
%A  van Rossum, Guido 
%K  programming languages, Python

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