Portraits in Silicon

Slater, Robert
Date finished: 1997-04-21

A collection of 10- to 15-page biographies of various people active in the history of computing. The people profiled range from early pioneers and theorists like Babbage, Turing, Shannon, and Atanasoff, to corporate founders like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, to early 80s figures like Adam Osborne and Nolan Bushnell. (Where are those two now, I wonder?) The more recent bios focus almost exclusively on business people; the only academic-type is Donald Knuth. While the bios are full of trivia about birthplaces and childhood stories, there aren't many quotes from the people being profiled, and they all read like press-release material, being unfailingly positive (even about people whose companies crashed and burned). Overall, not too interesting a book.

Tagged: computing, interviews

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%T  Portraits in Silicon
%@  1997-04-21
%A  Slater, Robert
%K  interviews, computing


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