Anarchism and Other Essays

Goldman, Emma
Dover 1910
ISBN 9780486224848
Date finished: 1997-08-12

Goldman was a major figure in the Anarchist movement in the US around the turn of the century. Her essays are tight polemics, but they left me unsatisfied; Goldman decries the flaws in the existing social structure, but never really explains why things would be better under Anarchism, or how an anarchic social system would work. This seems to be a problem endemic to Anarchistic thought; writers like Goldman or Murray Bookchin dissect existing problems in great detail, but say nothing about how a replacement system would work. My opinion of Anarchism winds up being, "It would be great if it could be put into practice, but it can't possibly work." (See the Anarchist Theory FAQ for more information; thanks to Tony J. Ibbs for providing the URL.)

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%T  Anarchism and Other Essays
%@  1997-08-12
%A  Goldman, Emma
%K  essays
%I Dover
%D 1910
%G ISBN 9780486224848
%P 304pp

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