The Starflight Handbook

Mallove, Eugene; Matloff, Gregory
Date finished: 1997-08-01

A high-level technical overview of the technologies that have been proposed for interstellar travel, from nuclear pulse vessels to ramscoops. The book's subject matter is of great interest, but the writing is pedestrian, though clear enough. It's fascinating to contemplate the engineering problems that will have to be solved, but disheartening to realize that interstellar travel will require centuries before even the nearest stars can be reached; the authors conclude a discussion of a suggested improvement by cheerily adding that it would reduce the travel time to the nearest star to 750 years! Unless relativity falls or an immortality drug gets developed, and neither one seems a likely prospect, reaching the stars certainly won't happen during our lifetimes (and possibly not during the next millenium, either).

Tagged: astronomy


%T  The Starflight Handbook
%@  1997-08-01
%A  Mallove, Eugene 
%A  Matloff, Gregory 
%K astronomy

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