Reflections and Refractions: Thoughts on Science Fiction, Science and Other Matters

Silverberg, Robert
Date finished: 1997-09-30

Perhaps the most famous essayist in the science fiction field was Asimov; certainly Asimov was prolific beyond belief, but Robert Silverberg may well be a better essayist. In this collection Silverberg ranges from social commentary, to the profession of writing, or to science's impact on society. Overall the social and scientific commentary fares best; Silverberg outdoes Asimov here, since the Good Doctor was usually more concerned with explaining principles, and left the question of the social impact at a level of vague generalities. Silverberg's memories of colleagues and Worldcons past are more of a ragbag assortment and rather less interesting.

Tagged: essays, science fiction


%T  Reflections and Refractions
%S  Thoughts on Science Fiction, Science and Other Matters
%@  1997-09-30
%A  Silverberg, Robert
%K  essays, science fiction

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