Using SGML

Colby, Martin; Jackson, David S.
Date finished: 1998-02-26

The publisher of this book is QUE, notorious for poor-quality quickie books about computers; when I showed it to a friend, his reaction was "You bought a QUE book? What possessed you?" Actually, this book isn't too bad in my opinion, though an SGML guru would probably spot lots of errors that I'm too clueless to notice. There are some egregious editing errors--in one chapter, SGML closing tags that should look like </ELEMENT> have mysteriously mutated into <ELEMENT>. In an attempt to cash in on the popularity of the Web, there are a few chapters on SGML and the Web; these chapters cover the same ground repeatedly. However, the sections on content modelling and DTD writing are pretty good, and the book explains the philosophy of structured markup well. It's worth a look, at least as a first introduction to SGML.

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%T  Using SGML
%@  1998-02-26
%A  Jackson, David S.
%A  Colby, Martin 
%K  xml

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