XML: Principles, Tools, and Techniques

Ed. Connolly, Dan
Date finished: 1998-02-01

An exciting overview of XML's possibilities. XML's simplified subset of SGML will lower the threshold that has to be crossed in order to use the power of markup languages, and will make all sorts of new applications possible. It's still a young specification (less than two months old as I write this), but XML has already won support from browser and tool suppliers, so its future seems assured. This collection of papers is recommended as a good introduction to XML, though some of the work described here is still in development. (And, viewed from 2003, some of it went nowhere at all.)

Tagged: computing, xml

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%S  Principles, Tools, and Techniques
%E  Connolly, Dan
%K computing, xml
%I  O'Reilly
%@  1998-02-01


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