PARSEME.1ST: SGML for Software Developers

McGrath, Sean
Date finished: 1998-03-15

A very good introduction to SGML for programmers. It's more detailed and more rigourous than the QUE book reviewed below, and is overall a far better book. It covers the general principles and philosophy behind SGML, and then dives into a careful discussion of SGML syntax, writing DTDs, common techniques and design issues, and ends with brief overviews of HyTime and DSSSL.

There are programming examples in C++, Python, and Perl. One curious thing this book shares with the QUE book; the CD-ROM inexplicably includes only Perl 4, though Perl 5 has been out for a few years. Is this some subtle stratagem to make people conclude that Perl sucks, and Python rules? (Which is, of course, quite correct.)

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%T  PARSEME.1ST: SGML for Software Developers
%@  1998-03-15
%A  McGrath, Sean
%K  xml

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