Structuring XML Documents

Megginson, David
Date finished: 1998-06-16

This book is aimed at serious XML document architects. I can't call the book deficient in any definite way -- it does cover the problems of designing DTDs that are backwards- and forwards-compatible, using design principles and architectural forms. But this is a very restricted field of discussion, of interest to only a few, and which doesn't really require much space to cover. It only covers DTDs for book-like markup, not database-like applications, and provides only a brief introduction to XML principles. Yet the typography wastes tremendous amounts of blank space on huge margins, and, the book also covers SGML syntax, which seems like padding in a book whose title only contains "XML". This book should have been a slim volume focused on its topic, instead of being padded and extended in order to appear thick and comprehensive. If you're interested in the specific question of DTD design, this book might be worth considering; however, most people will want a general introduction, and should look elsewhere.

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%T  Structuring XML Documents
%@  1998-06-16
%A  Megginson, David
%K  xml

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