Learning Python

Ascher, David; Lutz, Mark
Date finished: 1998-08-27

I was one of several technical reviewers on this book, so the final printed version will probably differ from what I read. From this initial look, Learning Python looks like a worthy addition; it's a smaller and more concise introduction than the massive Programming Python. Much of the size reduction comes from using toy examples instead of "real" programs, an approach which I've always preferred. Overall, I think this book will make an excellent starting point for new users, because it teaches practically all of Python's interesting features in seven chapters, and then gives enough of a grounding in the standard library modules and third-party extensions to save you from reinventing the wheel unduly. It also covers the current structure of the Python community in an appendix, which is particularly important for open source software where community is such a vital resource.

Tagged: programming languages, python

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%T  Learning Python
%@  1998-08-27
%A  Ascher, David
%A  Lutz, Mark 
%K  programming languages, python


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