The Red Fairy Book

Lang, Andrew
ISBN 0-486-21673-X
Date finished: 1998-08-29

One of a lengthy series running through the colours -- blue, white, violet, and so on -- this book contains both familiar fairy tales such as Snow White (called Snowdrop here) and Little Golden Riding Hood, but also less familiar ones such as Drakestail or the Death of Koschei the Deathless. Lang's translations are quite good, producing clear prose but retaining the flavour of the original language and text, and Dover has happily retained the Art Nouveau-style illustrations. A series that I'll definitely be collecting.

Tagged: fairy tales


%T  The Red Fairy Book
%@  1998-08-29
%A  Lang, Andrew
%K  fairy tales
%G ISBN 0-486-21673-X
%I Dover
%P 377pp

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