Linux Kernel Internals (second edition)

Beck, Michael Beck,; Böhme, Harald
Date finished: 1998-10-23

This book is a tour of the Linux kernel, version 2.0. You know you're a techie when you find the topics covered here to be really interesting: things like how Linux tracks virtual memory areas, the data structures representing processes, the layers into which network processing is divided, the basic file system operations, and so forth. Device drivers are only examined -- only a simple character device is examined, and SCSI isn't covered at all -- so if device drivers are your primary interest, the O'Reilly book might be better (I haven't read it), but this book would be ideal if you want to know what's really going on in kernelspace.

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%T  Linux Kernel Internals (second edition)
%@  1998-10-23
%A  Beck, Michael Beck,
%A  Böhme, Harald 
%K  computing

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