The Spectator (vol. 2)

Addison, Joseph; Steele, Richard
Date finished: 1998-12-07

2 volumes down, 2 to go. There's a comfortable rhythm to reading these essays, watching the date slowly increment from September 14, 1711, through to March 8, 1712. I'm starting to like the style of 18th century, particularly the English 18th century, more and more. This is being reinforced by another book I'm currently reading (review to come), which is a collection of excerpts from personal diaries. The same attitude is evident in the diaries of Pepys and Johnson, which I'm going to have to explore. H.P. Lovecraft also had a fascination with the 18th century, something which I never really understood before, but I'm beginning to feel its attraction. The vigor of the writing; the rationalism of the Enlightenment being applied to politics and religion and morals; the moral tone combined with a raw feeling of scrappy vigour; the constant references to business and activity -- they all combine to produce a feeling of vibrant thought.

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%T  The Spectator
%V  2
%@  1998-12-07
%A  Addison, Joseph
%A  Steele, Richard
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