XML By Example

McGrath, Sean
Date finished: 1998-12-17

(Posted on /.) Subtitled "Building E-commerce Applications", this is a fairly high-level look at XML, concentrating on financial and commercial application areas. The first chapter explains the basic ideas and history underlying XML, followed by three chapters about potential XML applications and their benefits, and some quick looks at emerging standards such as XSL (XML Style Language) and XLL (eXtensible Link Language). The middle sections have the most technical content: chapter 5 describes the basic syntax of XML, and chapter 11 revisits the syntax in more detail. Chapters 6 through 9 implement some simple applications using different languages such as JavaScript, Java, and Python, and chapter 10 discusses writing little scripts to make one-off searches and modifications to XML files. This is followed by chapters on the then-current drafts of XLL, XSL, and DOM. The final section returns to the high-level overview of the first section, and rounds out the book with a brief chapter on mixing SGML and XML, and 3 more chapters on various E-commerce initiatives.

I suspect this book may not be low-level enough for some (most?) Slashdot readers -- it spends too little space on technical details and too much on general descriptions of different DTDs; for complete information about the topics covered, you'll still have to read the relevant working drafts. The technical explanations that are given, particularly the two chapters on XML syntax, are as good as any I've seen, but they don't make up the bulk of the book. XML by Example would be a good book to give to a boss, or as a wide overview of the ongoing activity surrounding XML. Unfortunately the book is marred by poor copy-editing and typography, a fault common to several other books in Prentice Hall's XML series.

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