Karel the Robot

Pattis, Richard E.; Roberts, Jim; Stehlik, Mark
Date finished: 1999-01-21

This 1994 book is a great little introduction to programming, using the microworld of a robot wandering around in a two-dimensional plane. The programming language used is a tiny Pascalish one with parameterless procedures, iteration, and only five or six statements. This isn't an introduction to any particular real language or system, but it covers the way a programmer has to think, which is a far more important skill (and many people never learn it). This book demonstrates how you have to carefully think about the problem to be solved, paying particular attention to the various corner cases, and work toward a solution. Highly recommended for people who want to learn the essence of programming.

Tagged: computing

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%T  Karel the Robot
%@  1999-01-21
%A  Pattis, Richard E. 
%A  Roberts, Jim 
%A  Stehlik, Mark 
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