Shaking A Leg: Collected Writings

Carter, Angela
Date finished: 1999-03-02

I'm aware of Angela Carter from seeing a few of her unsettling updatings of fairy tales in various anthologies. I bought this book thinking it would give me an overview of her work, but unfortunately it's limited to non-fiction, containing journalistic pieces like book and film reviews, social commentary, and other miscellaneous things. Only the pieces on Japan and her reminiscences of her family are of any interest; the rest is mostly politically driven commentary, containing the tedious complaining that doesn't survive outside of academia and a few left-leaning magazines. Carter doesn't have enough ability to elevate her topic material, the power to make the review more interesting than its subject matter, and most of her subject matter is pretty dull. An overall disappointment.

Tagged: criticism, essays


%T  Shaking A Leg
%S  Collected Writings
%@  1999-03-02
%A  Carter, Angela
%K  essays, criticism

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