The Pattern on the Stone

Hillis, Daniel
Date finished: 1999-04-12

Part of the Science Masters series from Basic Books, this shares the conciseness of the other books in the series, covering the basic ideas of computer science in less than 160 pages. I bought this book after reading a rave review in New Scientist magazine, in which the reviewer said he'd be sending a copy to his 60-year-old father as an introduction to the principles of computation. So I bought this book for my 69-year-old father (hi Dad!) and can agree with the recommendation; the book introduces some of the fundamental ideas of computer science, such as Boolean algebra, functional abstraction, and algorithms, in simple and clear explanations aimed at the non-technical person.

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%T  The Pattern on the Stone
%@  1999-04-12
%A  Hillis, Daniel
%K  computing

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