The Blue Fairy Book

Lang, Andrew
ISBN 0-486-21437-0
Date finished: 1999-05-31

The first volume in Lang's series of fairy tale collection, this book contains the highest proportion of familiar stories -- "Little Red Riding Hood", "Blue Beard", "Puss in Boots", "Cinderella" -- but there are still several unfamiliar stories such as "Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess", "The Yellow Dwarf", and "The Wonderful Sheep", all rendered in Lang's clear prose. Some of the illustrations are up to the beautiful Pre-Raphaelite standard set by later volumes such as "The Red Fairy Book", but other illustrations are rather rough, resembling quick sketches more than finished illustrations. All in all, a pleasant diversion.

Tagged: fairy tales


%T  The Blue Fairy Book
%@  1999-05-31
%A  Lang, Andrew
%K  fairy tales
%G ISBN 0-486-21437-0
%I Dover
%P 401pp

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