Programming in Emacs Lisp:: An Introduction

Chassell, Robert J.
Date finished: 1999-11-04

Customizing Emacs has always seemed like something of a black art to me; many things are possible, and everything's documented, but the sheer volume of variables and functions and editing modes is imposing. This book is a well-written and clearguide to the basics of Emacs Lisp. My only reservation is that a lot of space is spent dissecting various functions, an approach which I dislike, preferring to only see small snippets of code. There's also a chapter on writing a .emacs file, but relatively few Emacs built-in functions are covered, and there's no coverage of writing or modifying editing modes; I expect you'll have to read the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual for the complete details. Still, this book is probably the only introduction to Elisp that you'll need; recommended.

Buy this book from the Free Software Foundation and feel virtuous.

Tagged: programming languages


%T Programming in Emacs Lisp:
%S An Introduction
%@ 1999-11-04
%A Chassell, Robert J.
%K programming languages

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