The Brown Fairy Book

Lang, Andrew
ISBN 0-486-21438-9
Date finished: 2000-06-02

Lang turned to Asia and Africa for most of the stories in this book, one of the 10 or so in the Fairy Book series. (I wonder if that explains the choice of brown as the colour?) Unfortunately the Victorian prose that's so well suited for translating Perreault and Madame D'Aulnoy sounds just wrong for aboriginal and African legends, as are the Art Nouveau illustrations. Though the style is a better fit for the included Indian and Japanese stories, overall it's something of a disappointment.

Tagged: fairy tales


%T  The Brown Fairy Book
%@  2000-06-02
%A  Lang, Andrew
%K  fairy tales
%G ISBN 0-486-21438-9
%I Dover
%P 363pp

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