Crazy Salad: Some Things About Women

Ephron, Nora
Date finished: 2000-08-04

I read this book because at one point Merrill Markoe mentions that she likes Nora Ephron's early essays more than her later movies. If this collection is at all typical, I can only dimly see what Markoe means; most of the essays are very earnest and dull, with a bit of name-dropping ("When I was an intern in the Kennedy White House...") mixed in. The only essay where I can discern an influence on Markoe is one on vaginal deodorants, which is dryly ironic -- at one point a marketing exec who helped coin the acronym FDS for feminine deodorant spray is quoted saying they were worried about confusion with FDR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- and has an underlying tone of exasperation. Beyond that single piece, the rest are all unremarkable and dated.

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%T  Crazy Salad
%S  Some Things About Women
%@  2000-08-04
%A  Ephron, Nora
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