A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments

Wallace, David Foster
Back Bay 1997
ISBN 0-316-92528-4
Date finished: 2000-08-03

Wallace's massive novel Infinite Jest is sitting in my to-read pile thanks to a favorable opinion from an unremembered Advogato diarist; before tackling its bulk, I wanted to get an impression of what I was in for, and snapped up this collection of essays when I came across it. The essays are fearsomely good. Some of them are masterpieces of deadpan humour, such as the title piece about a week spent on a cruise ship, and "Getting Away from Already Being Pretty Much Away From It All", about his visit to the Illinois State Fair. Other pieces feature a mathematically-tinged reminiscence of his teen years playing tennis, a lengthy meditation on David Lynch, and a focused analysis of the effect of television on American fiction. An excellent collection that is, on its own, enough to add Wallace to my list of writers to follow.

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%T  A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again
%@  2000-08-03
%A  Wallace, David Foster
%K  essays
%G ISBN 0-316-92528-4
%I Back Bay
%D 1997
%S Essays and Arguments


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