The Pragmatic Programmer

Hunt, Andrew; Thomas, David
Addison-Wesley 1999
ISBN 0-201-61622-X
Date finished: 2000-10-29

As a rule I greatly enjoy books about the craft of programming in general, as contrasted to the fiddly details of a particular language or system, and this book was no exception. It concentrates on techniques at the class/module and project level, such as testing and design principles, with only passing mention of low-level coding issues such as style guides or optimization. In some ways it's like a much slimmer version of Steve McConnell's Rapid Development book. Worth reading just to be aware of what good software development practices consist of.

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%T  The Pragmatic Programmer
%@  2000-10-29
%A  Thomas, David
%A  Hunt, Andrew
%K  computing
%G  ISBN 0-201-61622-X
%I  Addison-Wesley
%D  1999

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