Rise and Resurrection of the American Programmer

Yourdon, Edward
Date finished: 2000-12-22

Written in 1997, this book backs out of Yourdon's view, argued in an earlier book, that US programmers are doomed to be crowded out by cheaper and better foreign programmers, and wanders off to talk about software process modelling, improving a software development process, the looming impact of the Internet, and a hype-filled discussion of Java (remember, this was back in 1997 when people thought Java would solve all our problems). Some chapters of the book hold some insights, though they don't seem to be original to this book; the chapters on good-enough software and on best practices presage the ideas of extreme programming, and owe something to Richard Gabriel's "Worse is Better" paper, though written in a much less readable style. Other chapters prattle on about animated object model diagrams and using them to model things such as the hiring process for a software project, with no sign that anything of practical value is expected. Everything useful in this book is available in more compact and better-written form elsewhere, particularly in the XP books.

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%T  Rise and Resurrection of the American Programmer
%@  2000-12-22
%A  Yourdon, Edward
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