The Day of the Dead and Other Mortal Reflections

Gonzalez-Crussi, F.
Date finished: 2001-06-19

Contains 6 essays about death. The author is a professor of pathology, and one essay is his reflections on performing an autopsy for the camera, but unfortunately despite his first-hand experiences, he doesn't have any original insight. The essays name-drop shamelessly to show off the author's erudition, but the essays are simply commonplaces in fancy dress. The only memorable thing is in "Two Unrecorded Scenes", and is the author's account of first encountering death at the age of nine. His teacher told the class "One of your peers has ceased to exist", and asked who wanted to pay their respects that weekend. Only Gonzalez-Crussi accepted, and on the weekend found himself riding a bus alone to where the child (two or three years old, and hence not a peer at all) was lying in state. It's an oddly inexplicable and striking incident, but sadly that's about the only point of interest in this book.

Tagged: death, essays


%T  The Day of the Dead and Other Mortal Reflections
%@  2001-06-19
%A  Gonzalez-Crussi, F.
%K  essays, death

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