She Captains: Heroines and Hellions of the Sea

Druett, Joan
Simon & Schuster 2001
ISBN 0684856913
Date finished: 2001-06-15

An entertaining book of anecdotes about female maritimers, ranging from Artemisia, mentioned in Herodotus, up to Beatrice Fry, who ran a school ship until at least 1908. The most entertaining chapters feature the disastrous love affair between Nelson and Emma Hamilton, a fine portrayal of women's lives aboard British navy vessels during the Napoleonic War, and the multiple stories of women who posed as men to win a berth. Most interesting of all, I think, is my discovery of Rose de Freycinet, who accompanied her husband on a scientific voyage from 1817 to 1820, and left a detailed journal of the voyage, which featured storms, shipwreck, and, finally, a safe return home. This book is entertaining fun, and it's added de Freycinet's journal to my to-read list.

Tagged: maritime history


%T  She Captains
%S Heroines and Hellions of the Sea
%@  2001-06-15
%A  Druett, Joan
%G ISBN 0684856913
%I Simon & Schuster
%D 2001
%P 304pp
%K maritime history

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