The Grey Fairy Book

Lang, Andrew
ISBN 0-486-21791-4
Date finished: 2001-11-17

Most of the stories in this collection are variations on old chestnuts, a number are rather muddled in the telling and some of them, such as the tale of the three sons of Hali, are actively incoherent. It's disappointing, especially considering that it includes a number of Eastern Europoean and Middle Eastern tales, which I'd think would offer much interesting material. Presumably at this point Lang was beginning to scrape the bottom of the barrel of his sources.

Tagged: fairy tales


%T  The Grey Fairy Book
%@  2001-11-17
%A  Lang, Andrew
%G  ISBN 486217914
%K  fairy tales
%G ISBN 0-486-21791-4
%I Dover
%P 401pp

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