Skeptical Odysseys

Kurtz, Paul
ISBN 1573928844
Date finished: 2001-11-20

A collection of essays in celebration of the 25th anniversary of CSICOP. I subscribed to CSICOP's flagship publication, The Skeptical Inquirer, for a while but dropped it on discovering that most of the writing in it is pretty dull. That's the major problem with most skeptics; they don't write particularly well, and much of this book demonstrates that. Exceptions are Susan Blackmore in her essay "Why I Have Given Up", on why she's stopped doing parapsychological research, and Joe Nickell's account of his varied career. Another bright spot is the section titled "Skepticism Around the World", featuring essays from skeptical groups from the Netherlands, Mexico, Russia, and India; the authors all write quite well -- and interestingly! -- of their battles against UFOs, quacks, and even milk-drinking statues of Ganesh. Overall, though, it's kind of depressing that skepticism has become so drab; one wonders what will happen to CSICOP when its founding generation begins to die off.

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%T  Skeptical Odysseys
%@  2001-11-20
%A  Kurtz, Paul
%G  ISBN 1573928844
%K  essays

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