The Philosophical Programmer

Kohanski, Daniel
ISBN 0312186509
Date finished: 2002-04-28

A brief little wisp of a book that serves mostly as a slim shelf-filler. After 30-odd introductory pages on programming aesthetics and ethics, 120 pages are spent explaining the workings of computers and of programming. These explanations are reasonably good, at what would be a high school level (if the book had a few more examples and some exercises, it would be a decent textbook), but don't go into very much detail. The coverage is also restricted to ALGOL-derived languages, as most of the code examples are in a C- or Pascalish pseudocode, with the odd COBOL or Fortran example here and there. (Lisp is never mentioned, nor are any academically oriented topics such as functional programming.) Another 30 closing pages return to the ethics of program design, but nothing here is very illuminating.

Tagged: computing


%T  The Philosophical Programmer
%@  2002-04-28
%A  Kohanski, Daniel
%G  ISBN 0312186509
%K  computing

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