Trillin, Calvin
ISBN 0899192335
Date finished: 2002-07-31

A selection of Trillin's pieces for the "US Journal" column in the New Yorker, all about violent death in one form or another. The focus is not on the violence itself, but on the culture and society surrounding it. Crimes range from the shooting of a Canadian film-maker in Kentucky, to a child's beating death at her stepfather's hands, to grifters murdering for money. Some cases are solved and closed, some are open and probably unsolvable; some are in cities such as Miami, and others are in small Iowa towns. It's a genteel collection, fleshing out the barebones stories that recur again and again in our newspapers.

Tagged: essays, true crime


%T  Killings
%@  2002-07-31
%A  Trillin, Calvin
%G  ISBN 0899192335
%K  essays, true crime

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