802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide

Gast, Matthew S.
ISBN 0-596-00183-5
Date finished: 2002-11-16

A very complete (at times oppressively so) guide to the 802.11 wireless standards. The early chapters discuss the structure of wirelss networks, how 802.11 uses radio spectrum, and the WEP security protocol. There are six exceedingly dry chapters on the details of the protocol such as how collisions are handled, the details of the physical layer, the initial interactions between a mobile device and an access point, and all that sort of thing. Two chapters discuss Windows and Linux wireless drivers, another one talks about access points, and three chapters on planning and tuning wireless deployments finish off the book.

802.11 Wireless Networks is certainly very detailed, and I now understand a lot more about what's going on between my laptop and my access point thanks to the first few chapters. Much of the book is overkill for my purposes, though, and it'll primarily be of interest to network managers.

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%T  802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide
%A  Gast, Matthew S.
%G  ISBN 0-596-00183-5
%@  2002-11-16
%I  O'Reilly
%K  computing


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