C# Essentials

Albahari, Ben; Drayton, Peter; Merrill, Brad
O'Reilly 2002
ISBN 0-596-00315-3
Date finished: 2003-01-05

A slim introduction to the C# language, aimed at readers who are already familiar with the concepts of object-oriented programming languages.

C# is quite similar to Java. The primary differences from Java are:

Judging by my quick reading of this book, C# is a fairly nice system-level programming language. It's a bit more Pythonic in some ways than Java, and I'd prefer programming in C# slightly over programming in Java. However, C# currently requires a massive environment to run in -- the .NET framework on Windows, and hypothetically Mono on Unix -- and that's a big black mark against it, so it's unlikely I'll ever use it.

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%T  C# Essentials
%A  Albahari, Ben
%A  Drayton, Peter
%A  Merrill, Brad
%I  O'Reilly
%G  ISBN 0-596-00315-3
%D  2002
%@  2003-01-05
%K  programming languages


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