XSLT Quickly

DuCharme, Bob
Manning 2001
ISBN 1930110111
Date finished: 2003-01-27

An excellent introduction to XSLT for readers already somewhat familiar with XML; some knowledge of the DOM will also be helpful. The first chapter is a short tutorial, so after reading it and the second chapter on XPath's syntax it was possible for me to write a simple stylesheet.

The rest of the book builds up a complete picture, showing how to rearrange elements and attributes in various ways, how to generate non-XML output, and how to write recursive templates that perform simple programming tasks. Each feature is shown in detail, with an example input document, a stylesheet, the resulting output, and an explanation of how the stylesheet produced its results. When I was reading the book straight through, this much detail is a bit wearing, but it can be skipped with harm and will be useful 12 months from now when I'm trying to remember what the xsl:choose element does.

Recommended as a good introduction to XSLT.

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%T  XSLT Quickly
%A  DuCharme, Bob
%G  ISBN 1930110111
%I  Manning
%D  2001
%@  2003-01-27
%P  286pp
%K  xml
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