Isaac's Storm

Larson, Erik
Crown 1999
ISBN 0-609-60233-0
Date finished: 2003-02-02

An account of the gigantic hurricane that struck Galveston, Texas in 1900, killing thousands of people and razing much of the town. Larson uses the Galveston agent of the US Weather Service, Isaac Cline, as a focus of the book, providing a neat way to personalize the course of events. It's a dramatic and astonishing story, with many anecdotes of lucky escapes and tragic deaths. Conventional wisdom had it that hurricanes wouldn't hit the Galveston area and wouldn't cause much damage if they did; this thread about the Weather Service's attempts at trying to improve its reputation for accuracy is a minor part of the book.

Tagged: meteorology


%T  Isaac's Storm
%A  Larson, Erik
%K  meteorology
%G  ISBN 0-609-60233-0
%D  1999
%@  2003-02-02
%I  Crown

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