Learning Perl (second edition)

Christiansen, Tom; Schwartz, Randal L.
O'Reilly 1997
ISBN 1-56592-284-0
Date finished: 2003-02-12

I read this book as part of a bit of résumé padding. I was more surprised at what wasn't covered than at what was. Many pages are spent on data types, control structures, and shell-like tasks such as running subprocesses, but modules and packages are relegated to a brief mention in an appendix, references aren't mentioned at all (no nested lists for you!), and even regular expressions aren't completely covered. Learning Perl is really only an extended teaser for Programming Perl. A very inexperienced programmer might need an introduction that's this leisurely, but an experienced programmer can safely skip this book and go for something more advanced.

(A more recent edition is available that features some serious rearranging of the contents such as moving functions to an earlier chapter, but the book's scope doesn't seem to have changed much; OO and fancier data structures still aren't on the menu, and there's still an emphasis on manipulating files and directories. I doubt the third edition is any more useful for someone like me.)

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%T  Learning Perl (second edition)
%A  Schwartz, Randal L.
%A  Christiansen, Tom
%K programming languages
%I  O'Reilly
%D  1997
%G  ISBN 1-56592-284-0
%@  2003-02-12


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