Building Cocoa Applications: A Step-by-Step Guide

Garfinkel, Simson; Mahoney, Michael K.
O'Reilly 2002
ISBN 0-596-00235-1
Date finished: 2003-03-07

A fine introductory guide to writing applications using Apple's Cocoa environment and Objective-C. Cocoa is the current incarnation of NeXTSTEP, and is remarkably elegant in both its architecture and its appearance. Interface Builder also greatly simplifies application development by letting you assemble the interface by dragging-and-dropping components. Too many pages of the book are expended on step-by-step instructions telling you what to do in Interface Builder, but between the to-do lists there are many introductory explanation of how to structure Cocoa applications. I'm champing at the bit to start developing something with PyObjc now (if I can only find the time).

Tagged: computing, interfaces


%T Building Cocoa Applications
%S A Step-by-Step Guide
%A Garfinkel, Simson
%A Mahoney, Michael K.
%I O'Reilly
%D 2002
%@ 2003-03-07
%K computing, interfaces
%G ISBN 0-596-00235-1

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