SVG Essentials

Eisenberg, J. David
O'Reilly 2002
ISBN 0-596-00223-8
Date finished: 2003-06-24

Primarily a tutorial on authoring SVG documents and on SVG's graphics model, but some reference material is included as well as an introduction to basic XML. The chapters progress from the basic structure of SVG, simple tasks such as drawing lines, basic shapes, and curves, coordinate transformations, applying patterns, displaying text, and applying filters. There's a short chapter on SVG's animation features, and two afterthought chapters that discuss generating SVG from Perl and Java. A model O'Reilly book, it would be an invaluable resource when developing an SVG application.

Tagged: graphics, xml


%T SVG Essentials
%A Eisenberg, J. David
%I O'Reilly
%K graphics, xml
%@ 2003-06-24
%D 2002
%G ISBN 0-596-00223-8
%P 326pp

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