van der Vlist, Eric
O'Reilly 2003
ISBN 0-596-00421-4
Date finished: 2004-03-02

An excellent book on the RELAX NG schema language. I can't call it an introduction because it covers all of the features in the language, discusses fine points of extensible schema design, how to rewrite schemas to avoid ambiguity, and even esoterica such as the simplified form of RELAX NG described in the language specification. Both the XML and the compact syntax are described and most examples include both versions. (That's about the only thing I disliked about the book; I had no intention of scanning through the lengthy XML versions, and felt that they only consumed space.) Three closing chapters amounting to around 120 pages are a reference guide to the XML syntax, the compact syntax, and the W3C XML Schema datatypes supported by most RNG validators.

This is the only RELAX NG book you would need, making it very good value for the money. Highly recommended.

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%A van der Vlist, Eric
%* *
%I O'Reilly
%G ISBN 0-596-00421-4
%@ 2004-03-02
%D 2003
%P 486pp

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