The Common Lisp Companion

Koschmann, Timothy D.
Wiley 1990
ISBN 0-471-50308-8
Date finished: 2004-07-1

I really enjoyed this introduction to the features of Common Lisp. Though the book was written in 1990 when the ANSI standard was still a draft, it doesn't delve into fiddly details and I expect its content is still relevant. Koschmann explains in his preface that the book is written for people who already have some programming experience, and therefore provides a compressed but readable introduction to the language's syntax, evaulation rules, structure and object support, control structures, and even writing some elementary macros. One chapter presents a sizable example, a logic-programming system dubbed Slolog that's a refreshing change from the clich├ęd factorial computations and tree traversals often used as Lisp examples. The book is near-ideal as an introduction to CL for programmers.

Tagged: programming languages


%T The Common Lisp Companion
%A Koschmann, Timothy D.
%I Wiley
%D 1990
%@ 2004-07-1
%G ISBN 0-471-50308-8
%K programming languages
%P 459pp

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