Reconcilable Differences: 7 Keys to Remaining Together from a Top Matrimonial Lawyer

Cohen, Robert Stephan; Furman, Elina
ISBN 0-7434-0712-1
Date finished: 2004-08-19

I've been spending a fair bit of my library time looking at the wedding- and marriage-related sections these days, which leads me off into odd by-ways such as this book. The author is a divorce lawyer in New York City, so he's seen a good many marriages end. In this book he lists seven problems that commonly result in divorce: boredom, lack of communication, sexual problems, money worries, infidelity, stress from changes in your lives (children going away to school, a parent dying, etc.), and pressure from the in-laws. OK, nothing on that list is surprising, and lawyerly discretion requires changing all the names of the people in the anecdotes related here, and none of the anecdotes is very revealing... but the list of problem areas was useful for introspecting about our marriage. (I'm optimistic, of course; boredom is the most likely source of difficulties, but we keep ourselves busy enough that I'm not worried about it.)

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%T Reconcilable Differences
%S 7 Keys to Remaining Together from a Top Matrimonial Lawyer
%@ 2004-08-19
%G ISBN 0-7434-0712-1
%K marriage
%A Cohen, Robert Stephan
%A Furman, Elina
%P 223pp
%I Atria

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