The Best American Essays 1992

Ed. Atwan, Robert; Sontag, Susan
ISBN 0-395-59936-9
Date finished: 2004-09-02

Judging by this ghastly collection, 1992 was a horrible year for essays (or the editor of this book had terrible taste). I found about half of the essays in this book unreadable. Not mildly dull; not unmemorable; but absolutely impossible to trudge through.

None of the essays I actually read were outstanding, either, but at least they had a point to make; here they are:

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%T The Best American Essays 1992
%E Sontag, Susan
%E Atwan, Robert
%K essays
%@ 2004-09-02
%G ISBN 0-395-59936-9
%P 331pp
%D 1992

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