Just A Geek

Wheaton, Wil
O'Reilly & Associates 2004
ISBN 0-596-00768-X
Date finished: 2004-09-29

Collects various pieces of writing from Wheaton's web site www.wilwheaton.net, and adds new material. He goes back to his days acting on TNG and in various movies and also writes about the current difficult state of his acting career and the experience of being a guest at sci-fi conventions. There's quite a lot of angst here, mostly over his decision to quit TNG and the number of times he's the second choice for a role, and it's genuinely distressing because he's a nice guy who deserves better. On the other hand, if you don't really care about TNG or about Wheaton, this book probably isn't going to change that opinion because the focus is on how he copes with the aftermath of Star Trek.

Tagged: biography, essays

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%T Just A Geek
%A Wheaton, Wil
%G ISBN 0-596-00768-X
%P 269pp
%K biography, essays
%I O'Reilly & Associates
%D 2004
%@ 2004-09-29


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