Take The Cannoli: Stories From The New World

Vowell, Sarah; Illustrated by: Millionare, Tony
Simon & Schuster 2000
ISBN 0-7432-0540-5
Date finished: 2006-03-23

Vowell writes enjoyable, wryly thoughtful and chatty essays. Many of these pieces originally appeared on the NPR program This American Life. My favorite piece is "What I See When I Look at the Face on the $20 Bill", which tells about Vowell's road trip with her sister to retrace the Trail of Tears; the essay is educational for someone like me who was completely unfamiliar with the history of the Trail, and it's also about her personal reactions to the trip and the Trail's influence on her family. I also liked "Michigan and Wacker", which uses Chicago history as a microcosm of American history, "Chelsea Girl"'s discussion of the checkered history of the Chelsea Hotel, "Dark Circles", about a week's attempts to overcome insomnia, and "Shooting Dad", a sweet recollection of the gap between Vowell and her father and how that distance isn't as large as she originally thought.

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%T Take The Cannoli
%S Stories From The New World
%A Vowell, Sarah
%@ 2006-03-23
%P 219pp
%D 2000
%Q Millionare, Tony
%K essays
%I Simon & Schuster
%G ISBN 0-7432-0540-5


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