Espenak, Fred; Littmann, Mark; Willcox, Ken
Oxford University Press 1999
ISBN 0-19-513179-7
Date finished: 2006-03-13

A useful survey of the science, history, and myth of solar eclipses, and practical notes on organizing an eclipse trip and photographing the event. There's a great first chapter on the experience of seeing a total eclipse, lucid explanations of related phenomena such as shadow bands and Baily's Beads, and appendixes listing upcoming eclipses for several decades to come. I'll definitely bring this book along for reference on our eclipse trip later this month.

Tagged: astronomy


%T Totality
%A Littmann, Mark
%A Willcox, Ken
%A Espenak, Fred
%D 1999
%I Oxford University Press
%G ISBN 0-19-513179-7
%P 268pp
%@ 2006-03-13
%K astronomy

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