Quick Studies: The Best of Lingua Franca

Ed. Star, Alexander
Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2002
ISBN 0-374-52863-2
Date finished: 2007-01-30

I so miss Lingua Franca. It was a magazine that focused on academic life and featured articles about current debates and historical controversies in various fields, the trials and squabbles of academic life, and quirky short items. There's nothing like it now, AFAIK, though occasionally magazines like "The Atlantic" or "New Yorker" will run an article that could have been in LF.

One thing I liked was that the long articles in LF would take all the sides seriously and tried to explain the premises from which they were arguing -- not a trivial thing in modern philosophy or literary criticism. This collection rescues some LF articles from the back issues. Highlights:

There are a number of good stories with legal angle:

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%T Quick Studies
%S The Best of Lingua Franca
%E Star, Alexander
%C New York
%@ 2007-01-30
%D 2002
%K essays
%P 506pp
%I Farrar, Straus and Giroux
%G ISBN 0-374-52863-2


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