Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age

Graham, Paul
O'Reilly 2004
ISBN 0-596-00662-4
Date finished: 2007-02-06

Collects the essays that Paul Graham posts on his web site and that reliably attract a good deal of weblog attention. Reading all of these in one go, I noticed a bit of unavoidable repetition across different essays. The programming language essays don't have a lot of meat, but Graham is very instructive on startups. You're better off reading the high points: "Beating the Averages, "A Plan for Spam (which sparked a flood of Bayesian filtering programs), "Why Nerds Are Unpopular, and "The Other Road Ahead carry the most important ideas.

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%T Hackers and Painters
%S Big Ideas from the Computer Age
%A Graham, Paul
%G ISBN 0-596-00662-4
%P 258pp
%D 2004
%@ 2007-02-06
%I O'Reilly
%K essays


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